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Welcome Back!  You've found the Adams Family homepage.  We're going to try to keep this as up-to-date as possible so everyone can check us out from time-to-time. We'll post stories, along with some of the other things we're up to... along with lots of pictures. So put us in your bookmarks and visit back soon.  Also, don't forget to sign our visitor's page.

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Josie's Adventure

Josie's Adventure

Josie has come down with a rare disease called Dermatomyositis.  We've put together a comprehensive weblog detailing every step of her adventure.  Please see what's been happening.  Thanks.

Click here to visit Josie's Blog

Joy For Josie information

Maple Syrup

Spring is Maple Syrup time at our house.  We tapped the trees March 8th, 2006 and are keeping a blog. This is the third time we've tapped the trees and the second time e've kept a blog. Last year's blog can be found here.
It's skating time again and the rink is well underway, though it's not quite ready for prime-time.  Read all about it in this year's Rink Blog.  Everyone plans on having a good time once the bugger is ready to skate. We hope to be back skating by the middle of December. You have to try this sometime...and if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by with your skates and let's skate.

Last winter's rink was way better!  Here is our weblog of the 2004-2005 version.  You can see our first year's blog here.

2004-2005 rink

Jay participated in Ironman Wisconsin on September 11, 2005.  Here is a recap of the raceCheck it out.


In October 2003 we had a terrific trip to Florida to visit Family and to simply relax a little.  Here are lots o pics of the journey.

Over the Labor Day Weekend, 2003 we went on a little trip to the Quadna Mountain resort in lovely Hill City Minnesota, there we had a wonderful time.  Check out our Quadna vacation pages for the scoop on the great time along with lots of pictures.

We took a trip to the Minnesota State Fair on opening day, September 25, 2003.  It's Thrifty Thursday on opening day...my kinda' time.

Check out all our past pages:

-- Andy and Bridgid Laske Baby Shower - November 2003
-- Quadna Labor Day Vacation - September 2003
-- Minnesota State Fair - August 2003
-- IronKids Triathlon
- August 2003
California - July 2001
Maine - September 2000

Our favorite Navy Sailor (and Brother-in-Law) was on "Assignment" in the Antarctic spring 2003 and he had a digital camera with him.  Check out his great snaps of the journey.

And EVERYONE keep asking about the progress on the basement project:

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