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Howdy, and welcome to our Maine Vacation Picture Site.

Wow did we have a great time on our recent visit to New England.  We, of course, took a silly amount of pictures...so I just had to post them on the Internet.  Here are just a few.

The links on the left will take you to different parts of our vacation.  Each page has lots of thumbnail images, each of which is a link to a page with a larger picture.  On those pages you can click on the image or click the link at the bottom of the pages to enlarge the photo even further.

All pictures were taken by me and my lovely wife Deb...and a couple from Trip. The pics look WAY better blown up...so at least check out the first link for each.

Some of the bigger pages are fairly big (100K to 200K) and may be slow to download on a dial-up modem...but the wait will be worth it in most cases. For those of you who have a fat pipe at work, make sure to get to the big pics.

Here are some of my favorites so far... Let us know which ones are you favorite.
By the way...I ate that lobster on the right! Yummy!! (It's a link too)

After you are done with this you can go to our new site for our vacation to California and Yosemite National Park

This page was last updated on 08/26/03.

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